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Hi I'm xexyz. Reject modernity and embrace tradition amirite? I like retro gaming, classic web design and alternative operating systems. I have a love to hate relationship with computers, but I've been able to tolerate technology so far thanks to the freer alternatives that exist.



I like experimental music and chiptune. I listen to other stuff as well, but that is most of what I listen to. Some of my favorite chiptune artists by far would have to be Kommisar Chiptune and Henry Homesweet. I didn't really care much for chiptune until I discovered their music. The absolute passion and rock solid execution in their works is quickly noticable. As far as experimental music goes, I've listened to quite a bit of it, and while a lot of it can be very hit or miss, sound odd, and require much patience to get into, I'd say KINREK has made consistently good tracks for the most part.